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Do you even lift? Good Idea Bad Idea #4



NO, I can’t handle it. Everyone knows about the shake weight. It’s the exercise tool that makes you perform some iffy moves in hopes of quick results.After looking into their claim online I couldn’t find any creditable research. I contacted a close friend Tony Ingram from BBOYSCIENCE.COM a physical therapist and dancer living in Saint John’s Newfoundland.

Tony couldn’t find any studies that were actually published in a peer-reviewed journal, which means their claims lackTony couldn’t find any studies that were actually published in a peer-reviewed journal, which means their claims lack credibility.

it showed that their claim: “to increase your upper-body muscle activity by up to 300 percent compared to some traditional weights.” is completely unsubstantiated – it showed a 66% increase compared to a 2.5 lb bicep curl” – Tony Ingram

2.5 pounds isn’t a great deal of weight and once you become stronger you have to increase the exercise time to receive any results. Here are a few more of their claims busted.

  • Body fat: You cannot burn body fat from specific areas of your body by exercising those specific areas. This is called the myth of spot reduction. It is the same reason why millions of Americans who does thousands of crunches at the gym still have no abs. So shake weight fails big time for fat loss.
  • What about the calories burned? You might burn 30-50 calories with a 6 minute workout since it only uses small muscles groups, with a small range of motion, and for very short time. To burn a pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 calories!
  • Muscle Gain: There might be some increase in muscle in your upper body for a beginner for the first few workouts, but then your muscles adapt.  Since there is no progression in weights with a shake weight, which is the cardinal rule of muscle gain, no shaking will ever get your more muscular.
  • Tone: You look toned when you lose fat and gain some muscle. Since shake weight fails to do both, guess how can it make you toned?
  • Pump: Most of the shake weight ads show people using it and feeling the burn in your arms and upper body and they think “wow it works”. You can get a regular dumbell and shake it too and you will feel the same. Or get a bottle, fill it half way, and shake it .

So im convinced that this product, even though it sells well, is a bad design.  It makes false claims and more importantly you look creepy using it. Heres a some video of the work out in action. Oh and also a good parody (Maybe NSFW)




Stack-able Dumbbells that interconnect or stack upon each other without the need for a storage rack.. The dumbbells interconnect or stack flush with one another to form a column. This way you can add the weight you need as you get stronger but it takes up less space then having a full dumbbell set. some models come with a urethane coating to keep the noise down. These have a quick dial so you can switch the weight fast and get your SWELL ON!

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